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Artists Tell Their Stories is pleased to receive comments from readers. Below is a sampling of recent comments showing how the blog has enriched the lives of readers and artists alike.

When I was invited to tell my story I did not know what would come out because this was the first time that I took the challenge of telling my personal story in a blog. A retrospective journey back in time helped me to better understand who I am today, so writing my story has been some kind of unexpected therapy, like a mirror to recognize the many aspects of myself. The most amazing thing of all of this was to see that so many people identified with my life experience and how art is something that connects people on so many levels, making us more open-hearted humans. Thanks for this fantastic opportunity.

- Isidora Paz Lopez

Artists Tell Their Stories is a gift to both the artists she showcases and her readers. In this space, artists from every genre are able to present current work and discuss her or his path that has formed and informed them. It is the in-depth artist-told stories that make each piece such a wonderful read.

- Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave

Brenda's Artists Tell Their Stories blog provides an amazing opportunity for artists to share the background story of their artworks. This story is not often heard, yet it is at the heart of any creative endeavor. I loved working with Brenda on my feature. It started with an unexpected meet at an art fair and ended in chatting about art for hours over coffee. I have learned so much about other artists as the blog creates a wonderful and welcoming community. Every week I am eager to see who Brenda profiles next as every artist are so unique and their story ultimately enriches my own.

- Martina Sestakova

I was delighted to be invited to submit my story on Brenda’s blog. It was quite a stretching process reflecting on my own journey and trying to tell it. Thanks Brenda for this unique platform dedicated to artist’s stories.

- Helen Nock

Art is a critical part of human life. I believe there is a bit of an artist in everyone. Reading Artists Tell Their Stories exposes me to different forms of art which expands my view of what art is and inspires me to move toward my art potential.

- Carolyn Miller

I am inspired by the diverse array of artists present within the Artists Tell Their Stories blog community! I received amazing support, feedback and encouragement on my blog entry, which introduced me to many talented artists and art lovers nationally and internationally (many with whom I’m still in touch with). I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to tell my artist story along with the numerous other artists and culture-makers.

- J. Shiloh Gastello

I have been reading this blog since I first came across it 3 years ago. It inspired me to participate in my local arts league events. I have also found new friends around the globe through conversations about their art. I look forward to each new artist’s story and seeing their special talents. Thank you for bringing this to one place for me to peruse.

- Cynthia Jester

Artists Tell Their Stories is a blog like no other. Reading these incredible stories from a different artist each week is both informative and entertaining; giving insight in to art forms that otherwise may not be known to the reader. Keep up the great work, Brenda!

- Pam Smith

The opportunity to be able to tell my story through the Artists Tell Their Story blog gave me the confidence to share part of who I am with others. With the kind of work that I do, where I am usually giving a voice to others a voice by capturing their story through photography, it was an honor to be on the other side. I think it helps people better understand my work now. I am deeply thankful and inspired to continue paying it forward by photographing others and showcasing what they believe in.

- Karen Arango

Brenda is a beautiful person and devoted supporter of artists and their work, so I was thrilled to be included with so many other inspiring people when she featured my artist story on her blog. He questions made me dig deep and examine parts of my story I hadn’t looked at clearly before, and I found healing and greater artistic strength in the process. I love her heart and how she skillfully draws us out, so we can share our work with others.

- Krista Bjorn

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