Artists Tell Their Stories

Featuring 52 Artists in 52 Weeks


Browse through the gallery to view the stunning work of some of our featured artists. Click on their names to read their stories and see more of their work. Be sure and check back frequently to see other previously featured artists!

Dan Waltz

Writer & Painter

Catherine Anderson

Mixed Media Collage

Robert Lighthouse

Singer / Songwriter

Carole Wiebe

Mixed Media

Karen Arango


Ivory Haze

Singer / Songwriter

Francie Hester
Painter & Encaustics

Cheryl Kinderknecht

Mixed Media Artist

Lin Oakerson


Walt Bartman

Watercolor Painter

Lee Ann Dance

Film Maker

Michael Matheny

Jewelry Designer

Lisa & Dave Burns

Waterfall Artisans

Krista Bjorn

Pyrographer, Medieval Folklore & Writer

Nikki May

Designer & Visual Artist

Linda Maree

Writer & Storyteller

Nancy Sausser

Clay Sculpture

Kuniko Yamamato

Performance Artist

Su Griggs

Clay Sculptor

Lori Loveberry George

Mixed Media / Encaustics

Pris Vail

Singer / Songwriter

John Cheer

Ceramic Sculptor